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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Prophet Mohammad (SM).............part 2

There is no denying the fact that the great men who have dedicated through out their lives for the cause of salvation of humanity as well as for Muslims solidarity and who have tried their supreme effort to establish peace and principles of truth in the hereinafter, out of them Mohammad(SM) was the greatest and as per history of the world he had struggled for the truth universally predictable and bestowed by God upon human beings. He had been come down to this ephemeral world with a message of salvation of humanity who was enchained by evils, corruptions and anarchism. God had sent him to the people of this earth as a clear direction of truth, divinity and justice. God had written Quaran as a complete code of all Muslim Ummah specifically for those who are down trodden, sufferer, victimized and poor. Michael Hart was a great author who has written a book named “The Hundred” which is bedded upon hundred most influential persons of the world since the creation of the earth.
That is to say, the influential persons have come down to the ephemeral world with a definitive purpose to flourish light of education in respect of both spiritual and institutional on earth as a tentative flow. Out of the hundred personalities Mohammad(SM) has been placed on the top, as he was the most influential and spiritual leader through out the world at that time. After placing his name on the top, the Christians communities and the people of other religions were rent and rave against the circulation of the book. Later Hart explicated that, since the creation of human beings, till date, Mohammad(SM) was the influential person in the sense that from the life of a shepherd, he had promoted his life to prophet hood by virtue of his spiritual power and utmost faith upon almighty Allah. He was such a shining star in Islamic World, which upheld the maxim of messages of the holy Quaran, which had been bestowing upon him. Hart also said that he was proud of placing this name on the top because he said that he had done the right thing by doing so. According to him, as a writer it was his duty to express the truth before those who are curious, ignorant and inquisitive to know the unknown.
Mohammad (SM) was the greatest prophet of all time. He was born in a famous Quarieesh tribe. Before his birth, his father Abdullah had died and at the age of six, his mother died. Later, his uncle Abu Talib and his grand father Abu Motalib had brought up this orphan child. In the history of mankind, these two figures have been reflected in the Muslim world with supreme veneration and sacredness. Mohammad (SM) was the pictogram of self-help and he spent most of his childhood by advising the people for being self-reliance based on full faith on Islam. His foster mother Halima had brought up him from his very early days. She had observed very rare qualities in him and she, with a great heart began to bring him up with due solemnity and praise. His uncle, Abu Talib was a business man and in relation to trade and commerce, he started for Syria. On his way he came across Buhaiya, a veteran demonstrator of Christian religion having talked with Mohammad(SM) he had been pleased and predicted that he had preserved every qualities of the prophet and he had been sent to this world as the blessings of this universe. While the sheep were grazing under his control as a shepherd boy, his heart had been rendered and washed under the miracle incident made by the angels as set forth by Almighty Allah. Afterwards, he had farmed as a promising man of God ‘Hilful- Fazal’
The religion that has been promulgated upon Muhammad(SM) is the religion for all the people through out the world irrespective of castes and creed. Al-Quaran is the ultimate miracle that has been universally recognized in the sense that it is bedded on super human creation has been bestowed upon him by the creator Himself. If we adopt the teachings of Prophet Muhammad(SM), we should forget the differences among men and women and we need to devote ourselves for the sake humanity so that the solidarity among nations is established as a tentative flow. In this context, Prophet Muhammad(SM) has taught us how to lead life controlled and cleanly and to live with peace and forgiveness. Hence Rudyard Kipling, a renowned poet in English Literature says,” Forgiveness, free of evil done,
And love to all men neath the sun”

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